What is a Gort?

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NOTE: I suspect I know who wrote the following. We’ll just say “The Aborigine” wrote:

What is a Gort? ( The Short Answer )

A gort is someone who believes that “That which is so, is so.”

What is a Gort? ( The Long Answer )

The generic term “gort” springs from the colloquialisms of the greater Baltimore area, where, when someone is perceived to be a sucker, he is considered a gort. Whether this term is still used there today is beyond my measure. However, a Baltimorian once recounted to me the story of a guy who bought a used car from a dealer, and, when it wouldn’t start, he helped the salesman push it off the lot. Brothers and sisters, that is a gort!

Essentially, a gort is someone who has missed the bottom line in human consciousness. There is a point beyond which one may not be using one’s brain to the full extent necessary to qualify for a membership card to the human race. The question is not who are these people, for I imagine we are all quite well acquainted with these folks in our own lives and in our society and even in the world generally. The question, rather, is how to define that point of demarcation where the dividing line between the human and the gort is distinct.

After much study and consideration, Gortbusters believe that that line begins with a conscious realization of dualism. Yes, that’s right…TWOness, the split, the crack, the break in the cosmic dam through which floods the reality of our ability to think. Experiencing consciousness means experiencing duality, that is, the truism that everything we know must be processed one way or the other. There is no up without down, no cold without hot, no man without woman, no left without right, no old without new, no power without virtue, no life without death, no reality without illusion. Every sword has two edges. Only when one is aware of this, may one proceed to the next consideration.

Of course, the next consideration is, “Well, who would NOT understand this?” The answer, of course, is the gort. The Great Bard, Shakespeare, captures the delicious irony of duality when he writes, “Nothing that is so, is so.” This is like the endless images of two mirrors facing each other, each playing off the reflection of the other. The gort does NOT understand this. In fact, to paraphrase Shakespeare, the gort believes, “That which is so, is so.” He believes that perception equals reality. Therein lies the danger.

Before going any further, it behooves us to clarify an issue regarding who is the most dangerous gort of all. Fortunately, this question is easily dispensed with. For you guys, just look in the mirror while shaving. The beady-eyed, snickering creature staring back at you is the most dangerous gort. Ladies, you may see her as you comb your hair and apply your lipstick. Yes, of course, the most dangerous gort of all is the small-minded, self-serving, illusion-embracing part of ourselves, which is dedicated to the status quo, frightened to death of change, and in denial regarding what price must be paid for fully human powers of perception.

As we rail and rant, sweat and cry, bleed and heal, let us never forget the first repsonsibility we have, which is to recognize the gort inside ourselves, and to insure that it will never take control of the human consciousness control panel in the brain’s command center. We owe this not only to ourselves, but to our families and to posterity itself. There IS a tradition of human awareness in the history and evolution of our species. Let us be part of it.

Is the term gort some sort of insult?

Absolutely not, and you will be hard pressed to find anyone on this site using it as an ad hominem attack. The difference between gort and non-gort, or gortbuster, is just a reference point. Gort is just a moniker – a short hand – for a million different kind of ways of living. It is merely a term to help create a sense of difference between the status quo and whatever change you might see fit.


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