Camping Checklist

1. tent: know your equipment. Practice setting it up if it is new. Check all your parts.

2. sleeping bag (and pad)

3. flashlight (check batteries)

4. personal items: This should include the usual toiletries, medications, maybe some bug spray, etc.

5. sufficient change of clothes

6. bathing suit and towel

7. warm jacket and hat, poncho

8. wet weather footwear, sandals, hiking shoes, and/or whatever you find comfortable

9. cooler, canteen, field guides and other reading material (optional)

10. food: bag of rice, dry beans, oats, pancake mix, etc …

11. pen and pad for whatever intelligent purposes

12. $money$: Obviously, you don’t want to travel without cash. You’ll need it for food and any supplies you may find necessary to purchase during your trip.

13. musical instrument (optional)

14. Bic lighters, extra matches, magnifying glass …

Any suggestions??? tobacco


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