Bought and Sold

I have tried to free you from your blindness
But I see too much, my Vision is too deep
My emotions become so very tender
Seeing how money turns wolves into sheep

I guess I had to write that letter
I took a chance, and forced my thoughts on you
But I mistook your kindness for attraction
And the more I pushed, the further you withdrew

Your heart seems to me to be so cold
I can’t even recognize this hometown of mine, Freehold
With all the people from the cities chasing down their gold
They just keep doing as they’re told
Everyone is bought and sold

My inner voice warms my heart like a fire
Mama said, “Don’t ever let them see you cry.”
But I won’t live the lie of Polite Society
Angry white monkey hates everyone he sees

Your heart truly is ice-cold
But the peoples’ hearts are warming, the cold is getting old
Children of the Earth, be bold enough to reject the gold
Why are you doing as you’re told ?
Some things just won’t be bought or sold


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