Shoot Me Dead

Society is a dirty rotten trick
Call me love-sick heretic lunatic
I beat you down with my walking stick
Quick, swallow down the arsenic
Throw a brick, do the arithmetic
I impose myself as a maverick
Wipe away the lies and her lipstick

Now regicide is justified
Open-eyed nation-wide suicide
Kill the gort in Gorticide
Slaves are never dignified
How can they be so self-satisfied?
Ignorant of being taken for a ride

Doing nothing I learn to change every day
Slavery is slavery no matter what the pay
Pretty clothes and trucks won’t free your mind
Into hell the blind leading the blind
Why is my brother down on his knees?
Why does the FBI murder aborigines?

I never cared for being white
Never cared for “might makes right”
I wanna be the Great Filini’s acolyte
In the twilight I write with second-sight
Downright out-of-sight troglodyte
Don’t need another satellite
I am the bright bedlamite with copyright
Midnight meteorite taking flight
Lay her down, perform the sacred rite

Robo-cops, guards, soldiers, and hangmen
Slaves patroling slaves – so lame
Who do you think is tame?
You, not me – now, ain’t that a shame?
Kill me, bury me, save me from blame

Slavery is slavery, better do as we say
Here’s twenty-five bucks, catch a bus
Earn your wages like the rest of us

Hell no! This is my dying day
Let it be today, make it go away
Sorry, not today, never never say
To earn my pay on the seventh day
Take the subway halfway to my hideaway
Gotta stowaway and get away from underpay

I am the one who knows himself
I never put that wisdom on the shelf
Walking in woods like a Magic Elf
Mama Africa whispers to me: “Know Thyself”

We walk our prayers
We eat the sun
Don’t tell me I had better run!
Shoot me in the back
See if I care
Call me a maniac
Contrast and compare
Walking on water
There’s no miracle there
Bare feet on the green earth
Now this is my prayer

Time to unleash the Beast
Drinking la sopa, our Last Feast
I test out my Jesus Christ pose
Become morose and overdose


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