Slowly But Surely

I’m not gonna let them see me cry
No, they just ain’t gonna see me cry
Heaven is a dirty rotten evil lie
All I have left is this third stinkin’ evil eye

Love went walkin the streets of Asbury Park
Just a shadow in the dark
So many scavengers with their noses to the ground
Absolutely nothing, nothing here to be found

These streets are breaking my heart
Slowly tearing my soul apart
Love has his palms to his face
Tears burning, burning in disgrace

Oh no, I will never let them see me cry!
But now I don’t need to wonder why
Kids with broken hearts grab a disguise
And machine-gun down innocent passersby

Now I’m filled with the deepest agony
Don’t know how we are gonna live free
Free from the greed and free from the hate
Will violent and stupid deaths be our fate?

This broken heart cries its tears behind closed doors
On my knees? Hell, I am on all fours!
Cover my face with my dirty palms
No longer caring about the bombs

Out of control, the cancer of hate spreads
I think we’re all better off dead
But you will never see me cry in plain view
Gotta keep a strong mind while I sing the blues

So tear it and rip it out, suffocate my love
What you do to me, you do to the Lord above
No wonder, when you speak, I don’t believe
What you got hiding up in your sleeve?

Who’s to blame? What a shame, shame, shame
Bringing children into this world seems so lame
Is it worth the trouble trying to love?
crying in agony, Love’s in much need of Love

Here’s a secret for you all
When deep into your emotions, and you begin to fall
Go somewhere alone to cry your tears
Reach deep within for strength throughout the years

Wait a minute, look around, see how the masses suffer
No time for tears, follow the birds down to the free supper
Something is changing in me, subtle but real
I have to believe you feel what I feel

Eyes wide open, I cry for myself
Eyes wide open, everything is myself!
I want to escape, and leave all the pain behind
As long as one soul suffers, the Creator’s not kind
And we continue to see through the eyes of the blind


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