One Man March

Does anyone care to read my word?
Or do they flush me down the toilet
As though my word were a turd?

Am I to believe I deserve to be in a cage
Just because I sometimes go off in a rage?

When will I get the chance to speak?
Why do the police treat me like a freak?
Those Asbury Park goons are harassing the meek!
I get out of jail only to be arrested again after one week
For what?  Chasing wild geese ???

Do they harass the landlords who own all the slums?
They don’t dare lay their filthy paws on the wealthy beach bums
Yet the poor penniless peasants are to be so obedient
Expected to be as quiet as corpses and just pay their rent
To be ever so humble, to always repent

But not I, no, I’m the Albino Wonder
I’m a One Man March who sings like the thunder

The Powers That Be keep locking me up
Thinking that this will force me to shut up
But I just become more indignant and mad
When the Establishment collapses
I’ll be so glad
I’ve got all of these songs to jot down
But I don’t have a pad

Eventually one day the goonsquad will have to release me
But even then, how free will I be?
With so many of us locked up for no reason
Entire families destroyed season after season

Now my only goal is Mental Liberation
Starting right now I’m on permanant vacation

Vacation from worries
Vacation from hope
I don’t need the vodka
You keep the dope
And, no, you won’t find me
Hanging from a rope
I never bow down to kings
Or kiss the ring of the pope

In this absurd theater I’m the deadbeat loser
Even when I’m sober, the drones call me a boozer
I look right into the eyes of those who think they rule
And make it very clear that I’m not their fool
And I won’t be broken down or be turned into their tool

I don’t count the minutes until the moment I’m free
Because there’s a wilderness within me they cannot see
I’m not their slave and I don’t need their token
I’ve got a Spirit that just can’t be Broken
This is my word – Mudslide has spoken


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