The Story of H

What’s in a name?
Aren’t we always changing?
Like Mr. Mojo Risin’ sang,
“See me change
I’m a Changling”

Way back when Edwin Bird named me
Mission Mike cleaning up industrial debris
With Whistle Cleaners
All that is buried deep in my memory

Crazy Ghost, Crazy with the Books
Walking with my tin-can drum
I get a lot of funny looks
From those who think those on the dole
Are a bunch of cons and crooks

Call me Going Slightly Mad
Call me Broken Spirit
When I talk about the thoughts I’ve had
Most people don’t want to hear it
I suppose some people even fear it

The good doctors tell me that I’m unable
To become too intimate with a woman
Because I’m emotionally unstable
My love life is nothing but a fable
No! No! Bad Dog!
I’ll drink you under the table

You may find it sad
You may find it funny
That I have brains, heart and soul
But hardly ever have any money
Poor Devil, Silly Rabbit, Funny Bunny

Even some gortbusters hated Old Gorticide
They wished I would get it over with
Give up the ghost, and commit suicide
Fuck it!
Nobody here gets out alive!

I try to keep it so damn quiet
But still they say I’m too loud
When I whisper, I cause a quiet riot
For a skinny runt – so damn proud!

My mom used to ask me not to sing inside
So now I’m singing and drumming far and wide
One moment it feels so good just to be alive
Other times all is nightmare
Where I hate all that jazz and jive

I keep snappin’ back after each disaster
I get so amped when jammin’ to the Master Blaster
The hat on my skull makes my brain work faster

I sing my dirty rock n roll all alone
While gulping down a beer
And smoking on a bone
I refuse to even answer the goddamned telephone
When I’m tapping with my sticks and in that zone
Singing that dirty rock n roll all alone

Now I walk around with teary eyes
Beholding the seagulls flying in the skies
No more love songs, no more lies
No matter what you call me, I’m me
I don’t walk around in disguise


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