Native Son

Originally, before the appearance of Man
Lucifer was my name
The Bearer of Light …
Son of the Morning

But I wouldn’t bow down to Adam
Now they call me Satan
I’m supposed to have fallen
But I think they’re mistaken

Processing mythology beyond belief
It gets deeper and deeper
Every time that we fall asleep

Sure, Adam founded the culture of smut
But our Roots go deeper,
Not impressed with the likes of King Tut,
Washington D.C. or a corporate slut

Something primordial seeing through these eyes
Seeing through farces and liars in disguise

We’ve done the homework that was to be done
I’m Taker Prison’s Native Son
The end of their reign has clearly begun
It’s the Great Purification
Not Armageddon

We are the Presence
I can’t tell you how
It’s a passive genesis
We’re living the Tao
In the eternal here and now

Before the Great Unknown I do bow
But not before Man, no way, no how
Not after what he’s done to the Sacred Cow
Man’s done more harm on Earth
Than the Devil can bare to allow
Not even Jesus can save Man now
So, go ahead, Man, take a bow
You’ve really gone and done it now


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