Mentalistic Mayhem

What is permitted?
What is forbidden?
The Real you, The Real me –
Down, dirty, and hidden

Face to face with my phantoms, hence
I undermine your sheepish subservience
Life is absurd – no punishment, no reward

Even though I’ve been getting wet and cold
My life will not be bought or sold
I don’t do as I’m told
Life won’t be controlled

Slowly we begin to realize
That we pose a threat to ideas of enterprise,
Usefulness, work – progress I despise
No amount of money or the lies it buys
Could ever justify our meaningless lives
Right before your eyes, she defects and defies

We got dirty rivers – dirty rivers? I wish
We drink from oily rivers
Poisoned fish in our dish!

So what
So, what is so?
You do not really care to know
Living incognito among the status quo
What would I do without Joe, Joe, and Joe?

When we escape Taker prison
Where will we go
If not up into the mountains
To sleep in the snow?

No matter how hard we try
To ourselves, we just can’t lie
Especially when we say goodbye
And our spirits fly high into the sky

Doing nothing at all, I will evolve
I know I am the problem that I must solve
Around the center of the universe
Our inner lives revolve

Doing nothing, I withdraw my support
I won’t serve the princes at their resort
I’d rather hide away in a Stone Age fort
Because I’m smarter than the average gort

Holy fuckin’ heck!
The most powerful tool
Hinged at the base of my neck

I won’t strain in vain
Now our lives are down the drain
I bring the pain then I go insane

Go insane
Go insane
Step through the crack
Up is down, down is up
Black is white, and white is black
I ran the train right off the track
From within my own mind
I launched the attack


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