Letting Go of Life

They laugh at me as though I am a clown
Won’t be satisfied until I’m dead in the ground
Letting go of life, see them snicker and grin
Chasing the buck, she just can’t win

Somebody’s laughin’ again and I’m losing it
Better get used to the smell of shit
Because the crap cloud is comin’
Put those gas masks on before it hit

Stop the oil flowin’
Within three days, it will be showin’
It will not be pretty in the nitty gritty
You’ll be out of gas and feelin’ shitty
Drowning in garbage within the city

Funky monkey, not a freaked out junkie
Anxiety attack – and now a little spunky
Now I’m sweatin’ bullets and smellin’ skunky
But I’m too old to be your flunkie

Mass-media reinforcing mass hypnosis
Hey doctor, doctor, what’s your prognosis?
You can’t keep me from spontaneous psychosis
Don’t even know anymore why I wrote this

The ultra-wealthy can’t afford to lose control
So they’ve invested in your mind and your soul
They control a global empire worth trillions of dollars
They own governments but not the scholars

Multibillion dollar weapons and economic slavery
Going over the wall is gonna take some bravery
Mindless military psychopaths obey their rulers
While banks sell the weapons handed to high-schoolers

Brainwashed gorts – a conformist mass of ignorance
But worse than that is the epidemic of ignorance
Confusion, chaos, and deceit spread the spiritual cancer
We have to look within to find the answer

American Nightmare gettin’ scarier and scarier
While my face is gettin’ hairier and hairier
I’m far from a pit bull terrier
But I speak my truth while empire burries Her

Paxil, gin and Eminem
I don’t care if I ever see the light of day again
When I say Osama, you say Amen
Did you think you would live to see the end?

No time to chase your American Dream
I’m not that attached to the oil or the steam
Letting go of illusions is the wisest plan
Letting go of life and the age of industrial man

War on terror?
War with Iraq?
Noble boy, better watch your back
This mind war is on,
I’m talkin’ back
I fight from the inside
Keep your Big Mac
Have a heart attack

I’ll drag your live body to a shack
Tie you to a wrack
Force feed you crack
Cut off your head,
And put it on a plaque
No, no, I won’t be reckless
I’ll use your bones to make a necklace


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