I Couldn’t Answer

I dig my grave
And I prepare to die
But then I wake up alive
And wonder why

How have I come to cling to life?
I wonder what is so
How have I come to know
What I think I know?

She asked me
Why I care what others think
She asked me
Why I felt I had to have a drink
Why did I get that shot from that shrink?

No more confusion
Over selling and buying
Climb the ladder of success?
Who’s even trying?
Our brains are frying
And we’re so sick of crying
They got the best of us
Feeling like dying

One day I just gave up
And accepted defeat
So much easier
To live without deceit

You vote for Big Brother
As I take to the hills
I stopped shopping
And can’t pay my bills

Truth doesn’t give you the option
To fight or resist
You can’t bomb the truth
Or beat it down with your fist

She was right
Insisting I try not to care
She knows too well
Life just isn’t fair
She sees my soul
Sees a hurt animal there
Cursing and crying
Gut-wrenching despair
Come on, pretty mama
Tell me that you care


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