My bills are Unpayable
The Dragon is Unslayable
Your minds are Unswayable
My prayers are Unprayable

I stupefy every passer-by
When I testify
When I prophesy and horrify
Hey You! Who Shall I Terrify?

Adios, Adios, I say Goodbye
Overdose on the pie, they crucify
Why the fuck was she flashing me her eyes?
Little bitch had me mesmerized

No La-La Land Make Believe
Blow your nose into your sleeve
No need to learn Spanish in a week
Fuck todo el mundo, I won’t even speak!

No more Love Songs written
I scratch the flea-bitten kitten
She purrs, but she will never warm my mitten
Breaking Spells, I am no longer smitten

Let her birth a bambino for Valentino
Or hump a Filipino in a Big Casino
Let her fly back to Mexico or San Marino
I don’t even like that music, Disco Latino

I just want to pet her to make her wetter
But, lo and behold, She is The Great Forgetter
Did she even read My Letter?
I thought she knew me better
Now I regret the day I met her

Did I mention the suspension of the tension –
My total circumvention of Her Dimension ?
My intention was to get her attention,
But she lacks comprehension of My Dissension.
She sees no value in My Invention,
In My Extension, My Devine Intervention.

She had me feeling second-best
They infest, then they jest, and I get depressed
Not impressed by your Over-dressed Lack of Rest
Leave you there with my words to dijest
Gonna invest in a bullet proof vest
No longer obsessed or distressed,
I volunteer to be Possessed !

Call me geek – Yes, I am a freak
Not afraid to speak, I critique The Bleak
Never Employee of the Week
I am a Unique Antique With A Meek Physique
Holy Fuck – sick of playing hide-and-seek !

All my Love-Pain has been self-inflicted
Your coldness, Your confusion
It was all predicted
Addicted, convicted, and totally restricted,
My Love conflicted
My Mind contradicted

Thank you for the smiles
Now I walk The Miles
While slick juveniles compile styles,
I kick garbage along trails into piles

Sister, sister, Love-Spell from Hell
For so long I fell, but now I rebel
In the upswell I dispel young Jezebel
The way I compel has no parallel
Farewell, I escape My Taker Prison Cell
Watch me burn down this holy citadel


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