Heart Attack

Any of us could die at any hour
I just wish that I had the power
To sweeten the taste in my mouth
Which has become so sour
Some people express their rage with rap
I’m afraid all I can do is lie down
And drift away into a deep catnap
Maybe we’re all just so full of crap

What’s that sound?
Did you hear it?
Tap, tap, tap

Memories of joy, memories of pain
Memories of sunshine, memories of rain
None of us remains the same
We’re forever transforming, we change
But I’m still wild, just won’t be tame
And I won’t even take the blame when I go insane
Wrestling angels to the ground without shame

I ask for this, then they give me that
God gave me life and I sent it back
I tried to love, but love gave me a heart attack!


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