Did He Ditty?

If I found a dollar
I’d probably buy a beer
That might be enough
To get me out of here

Look at all the people
Throwing money into their cars
They’d be better off
If they spent it in the bars

Just because she has a car
Doesn’t mean she’s gonna get too far
See her driving up the hill
I get farther standing still

Travel deep into my mind
To another place and time
What’d’ya think I might find
In the recesses of my mind?

I’m sorry mama, but I can’t stop drinkin’
I’m sorry doctor, but I can’t stop thinkin’
Drinkin’ and thinkin’
Smokin’ and stinkin’
I’m sorry mama, but I can’t stop drinkin’

Uh-oh, I got that soul
Sold my radio for a cup of Joe
And a pack of smokes
Uh-oh, it aint no joke
It’s no fun being on the run
Found out I’m the chosen one
So I got a gun

Uh-oh, in truth I stand
Went to a foreign land
To find my band
Broken wrist, you’d think I’m lame
But even now, I’m just not tame

I spit my song to me for free
I won’t read my lines
Make it up spontaneously
Silly-ass stupid me …

Everybody thinks that I’m insane
Whenever I sing out in the rain
Aint it a goddamn shame
That they’re only happy when I’m in pain
So I sing my blues right down the drain

You know, just because I drink and smoke
Doesn’t make me a fucking joke
Got my hands out begging for one more toke

Three little birdies in the tree
Won’t you come and follow me?
We’ll go down to the sea
And sing in sweet harmony
While we melt into the breeze

This song’s not for you
It’s just for me
I sing it to myself in my sleep
Or late at night
In the street
When I begin to creep

Times are hard, baby, don’t you know
They’re taking jobs on the Slave Patrol
Now they believe they’re in complete control
Just because they sold their souls to the Slave Patrol

I’ve come to see the Crows of Olde Towne
They gonna tell me how to bring the system down
I’ll just walk around like a Holy Clown
Yeah, I’ll just bob-bop-dee-boo-bop
if-I-want-to in this here town

Turn your smile into a frown
But you won’t break my heart
Or hold my spirit down

Let’s get crazy …
Let’s get wild
Schizophrenic bipolar
wild child

let’s get insane
president king pope – all so lame
take your fucking chains
off our brains!

No, No, Father, I’m not your fodder
You want to pay me in advance
Well, don’t even bother
I’m tearing off the collar
I hate to say this, but
You can keep the stinky dollar
Prepared to move very far away
Maybe one day I’ll give you a holler

I’m so dirty, I can’t kiss her mouth
That’s why she said, “Mike,
You better go down south.”

I got so wild that the jail was my house
Where I got so hungry,
I had to eat a mouse

Banks and balloons, balloons and banks
Airplanes, bombs, guns, and tanks
Sorry Warden, this jailbird is breaking ranks
Occupy a jail cell, no thanks

Some people don’t like to hear me speak
Imagine what they would think
If I preached in the street
Listening out where the grass grows high
All I could hear was the sound of cars driving by

I don’t want to kiss the ring of a King
No need for music industry for me to Sing
I’ld make a terrible soldier in any army
Why do they keep trying to farm me?
They harm me!

There were poems that we read
And songs that we sang
We do it now
And then when we’re dead
I make it all up in my head

Fragile unwindings give pause
Reflecting on what has been fed
I went out West
Met an old god named Fred
And a Holy Hostile Native
With a head full of Red
What was it
That was said?
Now we’re fallin’ with the Poor Devil
Got blood to be bled

Just trying to stay out of the hospital
Don’t need another script for Lamictal
Deeper into darkness, further into sin
It’s to the point I can’t say where I’ve been
Using sticks from the woods to tap on tin
When the spirits posses me,
I sit back and I grin

Sacred Fool
Holy Clown
The white James Brown
Who got drunk downtown
Even when I’m happy
I wear a frown

I am not Thor, I’m Loki
The One.
Jokey Smokey;
But I’ll summon Brother Thor
That’s for fuckin’ sure
Lightnin’ Fire on your ass
Now your coolie’s sore
Like a lion, hear me roar
Into the sky you see me soar


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