The Hyperborian Winter


Nobody hears when I'm screaming in digital 
Tired of smashing through cultural barriers, 
I sink deeper into myself 

I stare into her eyes and behold a void, 
The empty carcus of a beautiful woman - 
No soul left? Just dollar signs and hours? 

If inner depth only existed! 

I offer no security, no homestead or capital 
I offer no business-as-usual, no lies 
I can't set you free, but this is no crime 
Forgive me if I fail to pay homage 
To your Daily Grind 

Those with depth will not be neutralized
Our thoughts are put in place by propaganda machines
I wonder which thoughts are truly my own
Shall we breed slaves for the State? 
I am the Holy Grandfather of an Unborn Tribe
The Commander in Chief can't look into my eyes!

In a world of jobs and money, 
Is there a place for human emotion? 
During the age of brilliant hip-hop artists, 
Is there a place for stream of consciousness lyrics? 
In a world of bank accounts and tax returns, 
How can a tribe exist? 

Count me among the intellectual outlaws 
I condemn myself, no evidence required 
Why do I feel a bond with the outlaw class? 
Because I feel a million miles away from model citizens 

I search the eyes of hard working slaves 
I can't blame them 
What would I have them do - starve? 
I was one of them too, but now I rebel 
And I have to admit, I am hungry as hell! 

Daily, I recover from the insult of 
Their false sense of security 
Their false sense of superiority 
Their shallowness and their kiss-ass subservience 

I'll take my chances with Grandmother Earth 
At least she will cleanse me through death 
She has whispered to me, "Child, save your breath." 
She says I pay you too much honor, 
And that She will teach you all some humility in Good Time 

No work, no food, no love, no thanks 
Love isn't locked away in the World Banks 
I spit in the face of your most treasured belief, 
The belief that your strong work ethic 
Justifies your killing me insidiously 

The fakeness of polite society is nausiating 
At least have the dignity to bitch and moan 
What is everyone so afraid of? 
Are you afraid of being hungry? 
Afraid of the cold? 
Afraid of being alone and old? 

I would free your mind, if I only could 
But then you would blame me for shattering your illusions 
And how could I ever break through 
To one as hypnotized as you? 
You don't have a clue why you do as you do 

Those who perpetuate the work ethic praise you 
Wow! Isn't that great? 
Slavery transformed into heroism 
Like Christ on the cross, you forgive the boss 
Who daily nails your life to his cash register 

She is a daughter doing her best in the wage-slave factory 
She wears a fake smile for a fake world 
She says she's doing OK and feeling well 
Meanwhile she's tormented by inner demons from Hell 

Is it just as well that she stays in her cage? 
How many years of her life will be stolen 
From her before she becomes aware of 
The bars of her invisible cell? 

In this prison colony world, 
Where our bodies are literally machines that make money 
In order to sleep indoors, shit into toilets, 
And have access to items kept under lock and key, 

Resistance is futile 
Turn on the TV, rev up the SUV 
Feed your children prozac, 
Turn your radical brother into the authorities 
Divorce your husband if he would rather live in the woods 
Than help with the finishing touches of the Takerville Matrix 


I search for depth in those I encounter 
But I have not seen it 

By sick parents and sick teachers, 
Still sicker children are brought up 
Until the sick has now become the norm 
And the healthy a horror 

Some of us are poor consumers, 
Chemically imbalanced, unpredictable, out of control, 
Manic, psychotic, too emotional, too honest, 
A psychological drain on the War Machine Economy 
We see too much, we feel too deep 

From lone beings are born even lonelier ones 
From the frightened come more frightened ones 
Where might even one seed of truth be hiding away? 
Could it be me? Could it be you? 
How can a seed take root in toxic soil? 

Where can anything lead? 

The Aborigine could shout out to the multitudes 
At a great festival over a loud speaker - 
Anyone of us could do the same as the presence of great spirit - 
Our shouts would only reach a few eardrums 
Only a few will hear 
Only a few are even able to hear 
Only the truthful are able to receive the truth, 
So our shouts would bounce back as vacuous sound 

In spite of the soul-killing mind-numbing meritocracy, 
Stirrings from my inner depths still shock me 
Out of conformity 

Who can blame me for dropping out of this Race? 
I will tell you right now, without shame or false-pride, 
I may be too good for this world 
And I'm not at all afraid to die 

That's right, I said it 
Let it be known 
I work for no man, 
My life is my own 

When I speak, they hear themselves 
When I move and exist, it is themselves they fear 
In my bearing, through my own breath, 
I vow to spread discontent 
Let us distrust our future 

The State Machinery does not have the capacity to grasp the truth 
For the State is an abstract idea in our heads 
Shall death render us innocuous? 
What does it matter? 

Those with eyes shall see, 
And sight will be its own reward 

Your BMW does not love you back 
You'll die at the wheel from a heart attack 
Automobiles will be artifacts 
In the ruins of The Culture of Death 

I tell you, Children, this world wants to rob your lives! 
I have no ego left to defend so I weep for us all 
Whatever drugs you take to pull you through 
Don't ever let these bastards define you 
You tell them who you are 

TV Land reporters and radio hosts 
Criticize Whitney Houston for seeking oblivion 
Meanwhile the tanks of power roll into emptiness 
We don't need a war on drugs 
We need a war on greed 

Cancel the World Series! 
Destroy every automobile on the face of the earth! 
Clean water and clean air take precedence 
Over the bank accounts you spend your lives filling 
Just as long as Fat Cats keep sniffing for oil 
Drilling and killing 

Is there a sacred place where fate reverses itself? 
I don't think the gods of the industrial world 
Will surrender their power voluntarily 

Afraid and psychologically alone, 
People get trapped in the satanic web 
Trained to obey clocks so as to be controlled more easily 
Even trained to obey buzzers so the fries don't burn 
Let em' burn, I guess I am just too dumb to learn 

My body has a mind of its own 
It does not obey buzzers 
First I resist it, then I totally reject it 
Escaping from the matrix, 
I'll be back to destroy it


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