A Death Song

Getting older, nowhere to go
Landlord tells me to hit the road
Where to put my shit?
I think I’m hit
Abandon Ship!
Abandon fire!
Don’t ask me again
To serve your sire
You fucking liar!

Can you hear me?
Why do they fear me?
They think I’m a menace
Can’t afford a fucking dentist

They see me falling
But now we’re brawling
On my hands and knees
Through the dark I’m crawling
Suburbia just keeps on sprawling
But all the cars will soon be stalling

You think I’m lazy
Tell me I’m crazy
But your mind is oh-so hazy
I expect nothing
But I’m ready
For anything
And I’m extremely heady
I don’t want a job
With little Eddie
Can’t keep this trigger-finger steady

Downward spiral
Can’t control this
Oceanic abyss
Ignorance is bliss

And so we suffer
I know too much
Same old story
I’m acting up
You wear a frown
You see me change
Before your very eyes
I won’t believe the lies
I’m gonna fight it
Tear off their disguise

People around me
Try to offend me
While driving by
In their beat-up Bently

I’m not a loser
Just a confuser
In the past and future
I’ve been and may still be a drug abuser
Some may think I’m quite a boozer
Now I stand before my accuser

I’m going hungry
They think I’m stupid?
She doesn’t love me
I killed the cupid
I’m moving on
And moving backward
I write my song
On your blackboard

School’s in session
But Mission’s missin’
On your walls
I’m always pissin’
Too much chatter
Too much thought
All this writing
Done for naught
Done for what?

Skinny puppy
Skinny runt
I’m not an addict
But I’ll smoke a blunt
They want to trap me
Don’t want me to roam
Now they got me
Without a home

My feet are dirty
There’s no denying
In the kitchen
The eggs are frying
Gun Street Girl
Now she’s crying
But not for me
Oh no, I think she’s dying
I think I love her
I’m not lying

Where is mojochi?
Where is Native Mind?
Aborigine, Am I going blind?
I can’t see you
Did you disappear?
How did they do it?
They filled you with fear

It’s all been stored
Now I’m disgusted
And getting bored
Pay attention
Soon I’ll disappear
Will you miss me?
It might take a year
Will she kiss me?
Shall I drink a beer?
If I sing out loud
Will they think I’m queer?

Am I a comedian
Or the antichrist?
Will it ever end?
No self-control
Look out world,
Here I come again!
Come with me, this is the end.


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