The Lifelong Student: A Good Reason to Isolate

It’s been so long since I posted here that I forgot my password for

My attitude has been “Why Bother?” – as in

I’ve been corresponding to only one, sometimes two, individuals, both from different continents. One thing we most certainly have in common is our NEED to isolate from most of society.

I am always writing about mathematics and the study of the fundamentals.

The thing is, I am a 50 year old deadbeat layabout. Sure, I spend morning into late at night working through problems in textbooks.

I understand that I will never be a “mathematician”.

This is a good reason to isolate, to pursue something that interests me without needing the permission or approval of society.

I have read that “real” mathematicians do their best work when they are young.

So I guess I have never been a mathematician or a computer programmer, and that I am just a human animal who studies mathematics and reads/compiles/tweaks the code.

I am fascinated with Open Source computer algebra systems and the online calculators, like this one:

SO this is how it ends … so be it. One must isolate from the “Big Bad Real World” in order to get down to the business of studying mathematics and programming and, yes, even physics.

Nothing that is so, is so. What do you call someone who studies mathematics all day, day after day? A student of mathematics? Is there such a thing as a lifelong student of mathematics? Is this possible without becoming bitter and self-deprecating?


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