Peace and Greetings!

Since I have limited access to the Internet I have returned to the old school message board format.  I appreciate dialog, and with the blog format, comments are awkward, requiring “approval” to filter spambots and/or haters.   One individual in particular took to engaging me in dialog via email.  I find a message board, even if it is just two or three participants, is a better way to organize our chaotic thought processes.

All are welcome to register there or even just lurk.

I left this post because there was a comment which kind of requested I keep this blog updated.

I have been posting fairly regularly at:
{∅, {∅}, {∅, {∅}}} .
  Presently we were pecking away at Madness Theory.

Again, peace.


5 thoughts on “whybother.freeboards.org

  1. In the absence of other means, I am commenting here only to suggest that if turning to Samuel Beckett, you go straight to The Unnamable. I have memories, perhaps others do too, which seem to have existed since before “I” formed as a person – white infinities, black infinities, occasionally family members or unintelligibly large meat-like objects move about in them, generally with an atmosphere of menace – perhaps they are not actually memories but ‘slot’ into the psyche as memories as a nearest substitute to what they really are. Anyway, The Unnamable is a story written from that Thing, outside the person. Perhaps from that place the Will digs under and lifts up ragged human matter. It rises in pitch towards its end, becoming a torturous thing, in a way that I’ve only found elsewhere towards the end of The Castle by Kafka.

  2. I can’t find this book at the moment. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m a little too down in the dumps at the moment to read … I think I’ll take Cioran’s advice and just lay down and groan.

  3. I keep scrolling and digging. I, myself, was a mathematician. By education. I feel sorry now that did not take pure math but so called applied mathematics. When came to US I realized that is is exactly what’s not needed.

    • I am almost 50 years old so I am not too concerned with “what is needed”. I have no intentions of making a living with mathematics. I am just studying things I want to understand better.

      Have you been able to use your mathematics education to earn a living? Are you still interested in applied mathematics even if you can’t “apply” it to earning a paycheck?

      I am just curious. You see, for me, the field of mathematics is so vast, I realize that I may only be able to study those areas related to physics and computational science. It is just a hobby for me to motivate myself not to drink myself to death.

      PS – To the person who suggested I read The Unnamable, I did manage to find a copy after all. Thanks for the suggestion.

      • Yes, I did make living. Very simple living. Back in Europe, Lithuania to be precise. I got my Master’s at 22. Major Statistics. I worked as economist in Vilnius Branch Statistics Dept. for 9 years. Not sure what the name is now, perhaps similar. Had tiny studio but in the Old Town. I came to US in 1995. Got married, kids were born…never took time for myself or math. Become an insurance person. Despise it. The thing that makes me content is restoration of old violins, cellos…doesn’t bring much money either but makes me feel better about myself. Music and math have the same medium.

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