Prime Factors Code

I am unable to post the code because the WordPress editor erases everything in between carrots ><. Fuck. Now I have to delete the sections in Dead End that include any code since it will not make any sense.

Temporary solution: I stored it over at They won’t mind. It’s a very mysterious zone …

A Better Solution: Started Message Board: WHY BOTHER?



4 thoughts on “Prime Factors Code

    • I set registration to send email to user for user to activate account. I will change it to automatic … until we get hit with our first spam account – then I’ll change the settings back.

      I notice Debbie has registered … We’ll see what happens. It’s kind of an experiment. You may have had something to do with motivating me to do that … as I miss the interaction that I don’t get from “writing essays” or “reading literature.”

      Also, there is someone else I have been conversing with on a regular basis … I am anticipating his participation … Even if only a few of us interact there, it is what it is …

    • Yes, I think that might have been it. Well, now that you are in, I changed the settings back to “activate with email”

      This way, if manages to attract a new generation of antiheroes and refusenicks, if they want to meet over at whybother and I’m not around, it will be automatic.

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