Systematic Stupidity

I suspect that there are many philistines who do not experience too much anguish or perplexity over the deep issues because they don’t think deeply. I really wonder about the values of those who perpetuate the status-quo. My failure to acclimate myself to the norms of our society is a badge of honor.
philistine – a person who is hostile or smugly indifferent to intellectual pursuits or is contentedly commonplace in ideas and tastes, i.e., the phonies who fancy themselves “the middle class.”

Philistines … charlatans, frauds, shams, humbugs, phonies, liars, lapdogs, actors reading their scripts, following orders, obeying … those whose entire identity is wrapped up in their social functions. Mind you, reader, that these words I am typing have more to do with my perceptions and feelings than they have to do with actual people. This is how I experience the world as it is, and I even suspect that deep down others experience this world the same way.

Just because an individual has all the socially approved credentials does not mean they are really using their brains much at all. Remember what George Carlin said before he died, that the “owners” want obedient workers just smart enough to operate the machinery and do the paperwork, but not intelligent enough to sit around the kitchen table talking about how they got thrown overboard thirty years ago!

Mass society requires automatons, drones, obedient workers, obedient soldiers, team players who do not think independently … Does civilization require systematic stupidity? Civilization would collapse without stupidity. Were a generation of youth encouraged to develop their powers of perception, their critical thinking skills, and gain confidence in following their thoughts to their conclusions, our current social order would be seriously undermined.


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