Scorning The Corporate Mind Fuck

Radicalized Gorticide at Not Everyone Works For A Company Gortards


I am just enduring existence, spending most the hours of my days and nights contemplating the absurdity of surviving just for the sake of survival. I find our species to be ridiculously vain, and the whole corporate mind fuck rather insulting to my intelligence.

My Bucket List: To Erase Myself From LinkedIn.

Gorticide has great disdain toward those who uphold the status quo.

Experience:  Getting through a life not worth living. My responsibilities? Are you kidding?  I just type some ideas up when I feel like it.


Rutgers University-New Brunswick: Computer Science 3.68 of 4.00 with Honors

Brookdale Community College Monmouth County NJ
Associate of Science (A.S.), Dean’s List

I basically just helped fellow students in the Math Lab and got straight A’s … then I became infatuated with a young woman from Costa Rica which motivated me to ask my Nordic concubine to vacate from the historic house we were residing in. Wait … that was in 1995 or so. When I returned in 1998-1999 I just continued to Ace academics but refrained from helping others in the Math Lab!

Interests: I like to write in my diary and I try to sleep as much as possible.

Advice for Contacting Mike H:  Leave a comment at

That seems to be my final frontier.
Please note that I refuse to validate the corporate gort culture.
To be blunt, I need a place to live. A studio apartment would suffice.
I am a comic philosopher with no credentials … and a Gortbuster Warrior in Limbo.

I don’t do facebook, twitter, or job interviews.


So long, gorts!


2 thoughts on “Scorning The Corporate Mind Fuck

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  2. I was extremely turned off by the whole corporate mindset of LinkedIn. How phony and drone-like! FIGHT UNI! Oh, what credentials shall I put down to sell myself as a corporate drone? Designed android software for the US Army? Holy Fuck, the things people do for money and social status. Go fuck an engineer … While your at it, endorse this gortards: Burn your MTV! Hoooooo-HAAAAAA …

    Note to self: It was easy to close the LinkedIn account. What’s next on your Bucket List?

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