Facebook: The Single Most Powerful Tool For Population Control Ever Created

1. Preliminaries: For Those Living on the Fringes of Bizarroland

The nation’s jails have become de facto mental health institutions. The police work with mental health professionals for social control. See Police Confront Rising Number of Mentally Ill Suspects.

In towns and cities across the United States, police officers find themselves playing dual roles as law enforcers and psychiatric social workers. County jails and state prisons have become de facto mental institutions in New York.

Although no agency or organization tracks the number of police shootings nationally that involve people with mental illnesses, a report by the Treatment Advocacy Center and the National Sheriff’s Association, based on informal studies and accounts, estimated that half the number of people shot and killed by the police have mental health problems.

2. For Those in the Belly of Bizarroland: Beware of Social Networking on the Internet

Facebook: The Single Most Powerful Tool For Population Control Ever Created: This short clip from Youtube (zoo tube?) is worth viewing: Mass Surveillance

Another heads up for you “crazy kids” : School administrators claim it’s reasonable to detain a 12 year old with the police until she gives up her facebook password and they can read all her private content

The 12-year-old sixth grade student, identified in court documents only as R.S., was on two occasions punished for statements she made on her Facebook account, and was also pressured to divulge her password to school officials, the complaint states.

One last note I dug up from the “whywork.org/forum” days … Police raid activist’s home for ‘criminal’ posts on Facebook. China? No – Wales

A female disability activist had her home raided by South Wales Police who attempted to intimidate her into stopping posting comments on Facebook critical of government cuts and specifically the Department of Work and Pensions and their attacks on the rights of disability claimants.

In her own words:

I’ve just had the police forcing their way into my flat near midnight and harrassing me about my “criminal” posts on Facebook about the DWP, accusing me of being “obstructive”. I didn’t know what in f**k’s name they were on about. They kept going on and on at me, it was horrifically stressful, and they only left after I started crying uncontrollably.

The police officers did not charge her. They clearly were just attempting to scare her into stopping her political activities.

3. Final Analysis

One might consider using the Internet in a more intelligent manner. Quit Facebook, start writing your real thoughts and feelings in a personal notebook (with sheets of paper, not on a computer), and then just type up the more literary entries to store in some blog.

4. Shove It


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