How Very Sci-Fi: The Horror of Enlightenment

I have to say, my experience with administrating a couple message boards over the past ten years has given me an appreciation for the science-fiction/horror quality of our world.  Look at the world religions, with so many millions of believers defending lies with violence and zeal.  Then look at the simple message boards where we really tried to be as truthful as our own self-deceiving brains would allow.  I mean, I feel like the the antithesis of the religions the world is bombarded with.  No wonder someone like myself must be ready to walk alone.  Mine is not a philosophy for mass consumption.  Seeking the approval of others is what governments and religions encourage, right?  Why would the approval of others have any influence on our attempts to express how we really feel?

This is why I find it comical when someone thinks the boards were total failures (train wrecks is the term they’ve used) simply because the boards did not attract members.  That’s the point, isn’t it?  We are living a life as strange as any science-fiction story ever imagined.  Think about it.  The gorts (which is just our term for suckers who do not question the status quo, people who think there is nothing strange about the way we live) think somebody is a weirdo if they don’t want a television, if they don’t want a car, if they find marriage problematic (what if your mate turns out to be a spy for some big covert operation?), if they find most products built in factories useless or even harmful …

The sites I had created or administrated had never been about entertainment, but DAMN, I know I can’t be the only STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND, and I have to admit that I myself am entertained by the outcome.  While I do appreciate the validation a handful of people have given me (I sincerely do!), our fates will not be to start some movement to create a different world.  Our fates are to walk through life as observers, kind of in awe of the strangeness of everyday life.  And I think it angers us that not more people confess their astonishment.  I really have come to this conclusion about why we become so disgusted, why we despair over what we perceive as “the stupidity of the masses.”  That so many just accept this world as inevitable and even desireable is just too much for us.

Speaking for myself, I am baffled that not more people have come to similar conclusions as I have.

Is this the horror of enlightenment?


2 thoughts on “How Very Sci-Fi: The Horror of Enlightenment

  1. I thought your boards were wonderful, Mike. And yes, anyone not dosed up on the world’s readymade insanity must be prepared to walk the lonely road. Sad but true.

    • Thanks Karl. I appreciate how you have been able to retain your cosmic sense of humor without becoming too terribly bitter. That’s an attribute I am trying to develop in myself. Now that we have faced the absurd and bizarre reality that none of us are actually necessary, and that we are surely all victims of an unexplainable catastrophy, there is a certain freedom attained in being able to laugh at what a precarious predicament we’re in.

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