Unwritable Books

The alienation of the worker in mass-industrialized capitalist societies has grave consequences for “the arts” when the production even of something like “literature” has come to mean mass-production.   There is no demand for my philosophy.  Discouraging truths do not draw the crowds.   My philosophy doesn’t fit the factory mold.  Hence, there is no audience for my philosophy.  I’m not taking this personal.

Perhaps writing books that will never be published, like reading books just to inspire contemplation, could serve as a way to demand the right to DO NOTHING.  So the journey is a metaphor for character development.  It does not matter what copyrights we own.  We go through LIVES.  It’s not entertainment.  We are living and breathing Unwritable Books.

A man crying out is not a dancing bear!  A sea of sorrows is not a stage.

Life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.


“Your book is a failure.” —- “No doubt, but you are forgetting that I wanted it to be one, and that it could hardly be a success otherwise.”


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